Call for Papers

We invite both oral and poster presentations on technological, economic and societal aspects offering innovative solutions in renewable and sustainable energy technologies for Africa and the developing world. Papers delving on strategies for international corporations that involve Africa and the developed world are very much welcome. Students are expected to present their own projects that fully address the conference theme.

Thematic Areas:
The conference will generally delve on the following areas:

Theme 1: Energy in Relation to the Environment and Climate Change

    • Clean Energy
    • Environmental impacts
    • Pollution control
    • Mitigation strategies
    • Past, present and future degradation 
    • Waste Management

Theme 2: Socio-Economic Impacts of Renewable Technologies

    • Innovations for underdeveloped areas/communities
    • Financial Impact of Renewable Energy
    • Policies and Strategies for Renewable Energy Technologies

Theme 3: Sustainable Energy Innovations

    • Advanced materials for Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage
    • Advanced Green Technologies
    • Fuel Cells
    • Biofuels
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Solar Energy
    • Hydro-energy
    • Nanotechnology


Top Table Presentations

It should be highlighted that the conference seeks to harvest practical innovations and solutions with regards to current trends in renewable and sustainable energy in Africa and the developing world. Thus, we welcome company presentations, exhibitions and promotions that fully articulate the conference theme. The fees for company presentations range from USD 100.00 to USD 200.00 depending on the level of the presentation. This is valid for companies that are not on our sponsors list. You are advised to contact our SEFTA secretariat for arrangement at


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